Choosing your realtor today is a big decision. Whether you are looking to sell your home fast, go through FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or through a traditional realtor, selecting a representative for your home to deal with the listing, the marketing, the sale and the legal work that goes with it is something that should be trusted with only the most trustworthy realtors.

Today we are going to talk about the listing your property and how a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) helps sell your home and how it also helps to sell your home faster.

There is a difference between exclusive and multiple
OK, we know, that makes complete sense and you don’t need us to spell out that particular difference, however, when it comes to selling your home this can have a major impact on what helps to sell your home for the best possible value in the quickest timescales compared to a quick sale promotion or having to wait for a long period of time until you can sell your home.

Some of these solutions may suit you, others may not. Let’s be honest. If you want to get the best deal for your home, you need it to be seen by many people, in the shortest time possible.

This is where Multiple Listing Services (MLS) come into play
Today, the process of buying a home has changed dramatically from just a few years ago. It used to be that you would go across neighbourhoods, ones you particularly liked and noted any homes that were for sale. You would then call realtors and get prices, be sent information and then arrange a visit.

Today, home selling starts at the monitor. That’s right, the power of the computer has taken over. According to the 2016 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 51% of buyers found their home through the internet.

You need to think about where your audience is and their behaviour. How are they getting their information? Where are they getting their information? How can you get your home in front of their eyes?

It comes down to savvy marketing skills and knowing the market. Listing sites are the best avenue to get in front of your audience, a relevant audience, one with the intent to buy.

MLS forms part of today’s real estate marketing. It allows you to place your home in the hands of multiple realtors, online and bricks and mortar to get your home sold. The concept is simple, get your home to the right people at the right time, with the right intent.

What are the advantages of Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
A multiple listing service (MLS) has many more advantages than just putting your home in front of a wider audience, although that is the biggest. There are other factors to consider as well;

It breeds competition to help sell your home quicker
If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t owe the agents anything*
You’re free to market the property FSBO
You can halve the commission as you would only pay for the selling portion of the home.

*Some agents may ask for you to pay a base fee, say $100 dollars to be listed.

Naturally there are some disadvantages to Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
There is always a case that there could be disadvantages to selling this way as well;

Some buyers may perceive that multiple listings could mean there is a problem with the house
Some buyers may decide that your house is an easy purchase and try and drive down price
Some buyers may call around the different agents to see if they could start a bidding war to lower your house value

So what are the right tactics with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
You must know that when it comes to going down the MLS route, you have confidence in the agents placing your home there. MLS tends to be for the FSBO seller, but one that understands that by using a realtor they can get some of the marketing and placement benefits that are otherwise missing from a FSBO sale.

How does Fast Florida House Sale handle your MLS?
Naturally, at Fast Florida House Sale we can list your house on Multiple Listing Services to help sell your home fast. We however have a bit of a different stance on how to do this.

We believe that every home seller deserves the opportunity to get their home seen by as many people as possible to get the attention going as fast as possible. We therefore believe that your home should be listed with the right agents, right sites for no fee. If you don’t sell the property, there is no sale fee,

We will work for you to be seen by the right sites like RightMove,, Zillow and many more.

Why? Because we want our clients to be seen and their homes to be sold, for the best value in the quickest possible time. Multiple Listing Services can do this, and we want it to help you get your house sold fast.