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How You Sell Your Home/How We Buy It

The way you sell your home with Fast Florida House Sale is simple, really simple. We wanted to keep it that way for you, and for us! You leave us some details like a name, telephone number and importantly an address, we take care of the rest. No, really we do.

We get an assessment made of your home, its condition, the area,  and within 48 hours you receive a cash offer from us. Yes, that simple. Think about it, you could send us your details on a Monday afternoon and have a cash offer by Thursday AM. You could be moving within the next 48 hours after accepting our offer. In one week, we buy your home. No hidden fees, no sales gimmicks, we are just very good at what we do.

By coming on board with us and our service you are dealing with a network of investors that understand that you are looking to move on with your life and sometimes a house sale can be the thing that stops that from happening. We’re fast, flexible and can work to a timescale that suits. You will receive an offer within 48 hours but you decide the rest, we work with you and for everyone involved in the home sale.

We sell your house fast because, we buy your house fast. Simple.

What's the difference with a traditional realtor?

Traditional realtors face issues with arranging home visits, open houses, marketing your property and all of the things that cost a lot in fees. We have no hidden fee. We view your property and make a cash offer based on the information we have, your home condition and things like the local area, economy, environment.

Traditionally, selling your home can also take a lot of time. Buy letting us put in a cash offer on your house within 48 hours, we take the time out of your house sale all together.

Our team of qualified contractors and investors are interested in a property like yours, no matter the condition or your location. We want to buy your home. Our cash offer system works, we buy your house fast, we take out the stress of home calls, visits and marketing like a traditional realtor and we get the job done.

We buy your house, for cash, fast. That’s our method and it works!

Step One:

Leave your details. Yes, it's as simple as that. Just fill out one of the forms, like the one below.

Step Two:

We do a bit of research. We look into your area, the condition of your home and we get an assessment ready for your cash offer.

Step Three:

We make you a cash offer. Yes, it's as simple as that. You could sell your house in 48 hours.

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