For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
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No Sale, No Fee

If you don't sell, we take no fee.


We actively market your property to home buyers!


No upfront costs. We just sell your home.

Let Us Help You List Your Home


You want to sell your house but you don’t want to pay a fixed fee of 6% or be tied in to a realtor for 6 months. You’re like the millions of Americans looking to change your home, you want more than just marketing. You want results and fast!

If you need to sell your home for $100,000 you get $100,000. No fees, no hidden costs and no complicated realtor contract. We’re very different. And this is how. We work hard to sell your property for more than you need to net after closing costs. If we don’t sell your home for more than you need to walk away with we don’t get paid. Simple. We get your property listed across the biggest sites, to the right people in the right place with the right approach to buying your home.

We operate like a traditional realtor. We’re almost as fast a cash sale. Unlike traditional realtors we’re FSBO friendly. There are three ways you can sell your home; a traditional realtor, a cash sale site (where you can expect to receive anywhere between 65 – 75% of your home value) and FSBO (For Sale By Owner). All three have their unique qualities. We’re a little different.

We Use A Targeted Approach


What we do is provide you a convenient, high end service that gets your house sold, that lets you keep the money and that doesn’t tie you into a long contract that isn’t needed.

Our service is simple, fast and works for you. We get your property to thousands of potential buyers and list your property through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) including listings on Zillow, & Trulia, and the best thing, you don’t pay us a fee to do it, we have you covered. No hidden costs, no additional fees.

We have a dedicated, forward thinking and dynamic team that operates to achieve a quick house sale in the shortest time possible, for the best value we can get for your home.

We know the housing market well, really well and this helps. To know more about how we buy your home, click on the link below.

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    FSBO Is Happening Today


    FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is happening today, it's a reality of the American housing market, there are few nations like ours which understands the merits of our housing system; one built on everyone should be able to own a home in their lifetime.

    But FSBO allows you to sell your own home, the question now remains, "are you doing the best job to sell it?" That's where we come in. We offer a flat, agreed fee (on sale) to list your property with the biggest realtor sites in the US, giving you a wider net and a targeted approach to selling your home fast!

    Our years of realty sales experience means this, we understand what home buyers are looking for, how your home is presented and what the real value of your home is; but we also know how to market properties so that you can have a stress free experience. Our No Sale, No Fee solution is a perfect solution for those looking to do something different when selling their own home.



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