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5 Best Homes From Christmas Movies

With Thanksgiving just gone, and Christmas not too far away, the time to sit down, enjoy the festive break and spend time with loved ones will be on everyone’s mind. But there will come a time in the holiday season when you will want to sit down and just watch a good old family Christmas movie. Christmas movies have a few things in common. There is snow, there are arguments and there are beautifully decorated homes that we all wish we could own!

So, here are our, 5 Best Houses from Christmas Movies, enjoy!

1) The McAllister’s – Home Alone
They left their child whilst they went on holiday to Paris. The first question that springs to mind is, what did the dad for a living. (Apparently, he was a successful businessman) But this beautiful home, the exterior shots filmed in Chicago, is quite a delight. Floor plans on the internet point to it having, 3 floors, 4 bedrooms, 2 en-suites, 5 bathrooms, a spacious lounge and downstairs area and a basement.

Home Alone_Movie

2) Susan’s House – Miracle on 34th Street
The 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street introduced a new generation of children to the beautiful story of Father Christmas and hope; played by Sir Richard Attenborough this film is the spirit of Christmas in one showing. But what about the house that Susan gets at the end? Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, it has a beautiful mahogany study, gorgeous living and dining room, 6 or 7 bedrooms (we have no confirmation), a pool, a pool house with lodgings, and is surrounded by glorious countryside.

34th Street Movie

3) The Bailey’s – It’s a Wonderful Life
George and Mary Bailey are the All American couple trying to get through life, one room at a time! They had to put their honeymoon on hold, and they end up in this drafty old house which they then renovate for their future family. Aside from having to keep the evil business tycoon, Mr Potter away, George Bailey is trying to do the best he can, and on this house, George, we applaud you!

Bailey's Movies

4) The Griswolds – National Lampoon’s Family Vacation
When it comes to vacations, the Griswolds were the family of a generation that grew to love films and, Chevy Chase. But the lighting that was used on this beautiful home could have powered villages across the country. The set which also featured in the TV show, Bewitched, has also featured in other hit movies such as Moonlight, Pleasantville, Small Soldiers and American Beauty.

griswolds movies

5) The Stone Family – The Family Stone
A tale of bringing the family together for Christmas mixed with unresolved issues, a new girlfriend and trying to make everyone seem normal; if you’re nodding your head, so are we! But the wonderful home that was used for the film can be found in Greenwich, Connecticut it covers 3,500 acres of land and was built in 1840. It last sold for $4million according to Zillow.



Sell Your House Fast Before Christmas

When it comes to selling your home fast, we understand the key principles, after all that is what we do, every single day. But when it comes to selling your house before Christmas, you need to take into account a few key factors which throughout the rest of the year were possibly not even relevant.

So if you wanted to know how to sell your house before Christmas, we have have the know how and the tips to get you there. Follow our simple guide and you could be well on your way to getting your house sold before Santa pays you a visit!

1) Get your house on the market, NOW
With only a few weeks until the elves finish their packing and Santa comes knocking with his reindeers, time is the most crucial element of your house sale before the Christmas break. Moreover, it’s the lack of time that is going to stop you from getting your house sold.

You can go down the realtors route here; we’ve all done it, but there is no guarantee that they can market your house in such quick timescales. Self selling has proven to be the fastest way to market your house, but no actually proven way to sell in quick timescales. Then there is us, but we’ll come to that in a bit.

The big thing to take from all of this is, time is your enemy. Get moving today for that quick house sale.

2) Call in those favours
With Thanksgiving break here and the possibility that you will have your friends and family with you over the holiday weekend; put off the black Friday shopping and get them packing boxes with all non-essential items.

Yes, organisation is key when selling your house fast. You may have a buyer who wants to move in before Christmas. If that is the case, you need to get your act together and your house move ready! Keep only essential items out, like a toaster, bed sheets etc. Everything else, box it up, label it and get it into storage, your garage, wherever you want to keep your valuables; either way, get them out of the way!

3) Give Fast Florida House Sale a call!
Not only do we guarantee a cash offer on your house in 48 hours, we can sell your property for up to 95% market value.

OK, sounds too good to be true, but it really is what we do. We have over the last five years built a network of investors looking to buy your home fast for cash. What this means is, when we investigate a property from the initial call out, we already have people in mind that we can present as an opportunity to potential investors and that means we can make you a cash offer.

So if you’re looking to sell your house fast before Christmas, why not give us a call at Fast Florida House Sale for an easy, quick and brilliant service that will get your house sold fast!