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About Fast Florida House Sale

We’re investors. Plain and simple. We buy your home, for cash and take out the stress of selling your home the traditional way. Whether you are looking to sell your home because it is a relocation, you’ve inherited a property or can’t get afford mortgage repayments that’s where we can help.

Together with a team of investors, contractors and industry experts we take care of all the hard work. You will not need to worry about people being nosy or having to do an open house. We buy your house, for cash, fast.

The process is simple. You leave your details with us, this could be by filling in the form across the site, or picking up the phone and giving us a call. From there we get you an estimate within 48 hours of your property, you then choose if you want to sell. Within another 48 hours of saying yes to Fast Florida House Sale you will have the cash in your account, getting you ready to move on with your life.

We Know The Florida Real Estate Market

At Fast Florida House Sale, you are dealing with real estate experts. People that can buy your home, no matter what condition and for cash, that’s just the start.

We understand that selling your home can be stressful but at Fast Florida House Sale, we do things differently.
And that means you can get on with the day to day of your life, fast.

From quick house sales to making a complete change of life and away from your home in the Florida area, what we do is make that all possible with our knowledge, expertise and fast cash home buying service.

1. Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to let you live the life you want without the stress of selling your home. We buy your house for cash, fast. We’re a team of investors and licensed contractors that can help you sell your home fast. We can offer you a cash offer on your home in 48 hours. We keep everything simple so you don’t have to worry about all the stress, costs and time taken to sell your home. We buy your home, you get to live your life.

2. Our Objectives

To find homes and home sellers that want to sell their homes fast. Selling your home could be for a variety of reasons; job relocation, inheritance, not needing a second property, divorce or looking to move for a different style of life altogether. Whatever the reason, our objective is to help you sell your house fast… We buy your house for cash.

3. Our Process

Our process is simple and fast which means that it takes out the stress of selling your house. No matter the condition of your property, our system is simple. You leave some details and within 48 hours of contacting us you will receive a cash offer on your house. We buy your home, that is what we do. Our investors and team of licensed contractors want a home like yours today, so contact us via email, phone or leave your details in our online form and we will get back to you, fast!

4. Our Unique Service Points

  • We make a cash offer on your house in 48 hours
  • Our team of investors are always looking for properties like yours
  • We take any home, in any condition
  • We’re quick, friendly and flexible with no hidden fees.


I had to move for my job last minute and I needed to sell my house fast, that's where Fast Florida House Sale stepped in. In a week I had managed to sell my home and move. A realtor could never have done that for me.
Nancy Smith - (Marketing Director)
Client Review

I inherited a property that my family couldn't afford to repair. I got in touch with Fast Florida House Sale and they made me an offer to sell. It was easy and fast, we had cash in our account in days.
Lewis Drecker - (High School Teacher)
Fast Florida House Sale Website Reviewer

I needed to sell my house fast for a relocation across state. I dropped Fast Florida House Sale a line and they helped me get a good value for my property and even recommended removal company. Great service.
Bonnie Clay - (Book keeper)
Fast Florida House Sale | 5* reviewer of house services

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Watch our video to see how we can help you sell your home fast. Our team of dedicated agents, local knowledge and simple process means that you can receive a cash offer on your house within 48 hours of contacting us.

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Fast service

Receive a cash offer on your home within 48 hours of contacting us.

Expert team

Our team of local experts know the market and how much your house is really worth.

No hidden fees

Everything we do comes with no hidden fees. Avoid legal and selling costs. Everything is up front.

Simple process

Contact us, leave some details, we do the rest. In 48 hours get a cash offer on your home.

Trusted Service

We're a trusted service, operating for years in the real estate industry.

Always Available

You can contact us online or even on the phone. We're here to help you.