We’re not your traditional type of realtor. Let’s be clear about this. We something very different. Our solution is a simple one, we get your house sold, fast but we do it differently.

Are you sick of paying for fees? Do you hate being tied into contracts? Do you not trust realtors? Well, we can’t blame you because we don’t like fees, and we hate contracts that give you no flexibility. We are realtors, but a different kind, and we think you may just end up liking us.

We’re Fast Florida House Sale, an established real estate broker based in the sunshine state of Florida and we do things differently. We operate like a traditional realtor. We’re almost as fast a cash sale site. We’re as straightforward as a FSBO option. What does that all mean though? It’s simple, we find the way to market your house and not be tied into lengthy contracts and you don’t pay any fixed fees. We work hard to sell your property for more than you need to net after closing costs. If we don’t sell your home for more than you need to walk away with we don’t get paid. Simple. We get your property listed across the biggest sites, to the right people in the right place with the right approach to buying your home.

  1. No Sale No Fee
  2. No Fixed 6% Selling Fee
  3. We put you on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia & Realtor.com
  4. We actively market your property
  5. You walk away with the net figure YOU want

We work for you. If you’re looking to sell your home we have a dynamic and forward thinking approach to getting your home sold, fast. We do this by placing your property in front of as many potential buyers through a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at no extra cost or fee to you, we have you covered. By doing this we increase your chances of selling your property, and getting you the very best deal for your home in the shortest time possible. It’s like we said, we’re a fast, straightforward and forward thinking realtor.

Our end goal is the same as you, get your property sold.

We want to help you, the FSBO (FSBO) seller avoid the unnecessary costs and restraints of selling your home through our service. You have a price that you’re willing to accept for your property,and that is what you’re going to end up getting. No hidden costs or fees. That is what we do.


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