Spring. The days are longer, the sun is out, the smell of freshly cut grass is back in the air and the plants in the garden are blooming, and for many, this is the best time to sell your home. There are many realtors that see it this way, there are others who point to disadvantages of selling your home in springtime, the fact that competition could be at its highest, but we’ll get to that later.

Whether it is the weather that gets buyers out or the fact that certain areas of the country, like Florida start to see a shift in local geography with people buying more homes after a cold winter elsewhere in the country, we see that the much thought reasons for buying and selling in spring do make up for the busiest periods in the market place.

So why is spring a great time to sell your home? Here are some of the best reasons for getting your home on the market and getting the best value for your home property.

Better sale prices
Whether you decide to sell FSBO or through a realtor, the reality of selling your home in spring is simple, you can command a better sale price because, there are more houses on the market.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, greater supply should mean that the prices are driven down, but there is a reason why they are driven up; demand is seasonal and affected by things like the weather and the school year and the other contributing reason is simple when you think about it, that is when people have time to move in the holidays. Seasonal demand outstrips supply and that is why homes can sell at their better sale price.

Homes look better
When it comes to your home, the spring time can be one of the better times for potential viewers and visitors as your house will start to show all the unique selling points in the better weather and not be hidden by things like bad lighting or weather; of course if you need to get work done, this would also show up more in this period.

Longer days
The longer days in spring are great for multiple reasons, more than anything, if you were the active sort of person, the nighttime can be a great time to get some good quality exercise in. However, the longer days for a home seller also means that you can fit more home viewings into one day as there will be more daylight and a greater opportunity to show what your home looks like in the light rather than through artificial lighting.

Better valuations of your home
It’s simple, with more homes on the market in this period compared to other times of the year, you will have a greater opportunity to see what the local house market is valuing homes at and where you have opportunities to sell your home and what kind of additional value or premium you can place on your home compared to others in the area.

Is spring time one of the best times to sell your home? Yes, most definitely and hopefully these tips give you a little more indication as to why.

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