There are loads of guides on how to sell your home. From realtors to lifestyle magazines and bloggers, you can’t not find the right kind of information for when it comes to selling your house. Even our own amazing blog is a great source for things to look out for.

But when it comes to the question of what to avoid when you are selling your home, that is a completely different matter.

From surveys to randomly generated reports, the kind of information that you can find on what not to do when it comes to selling your home can be confusing.

The real question then is, what is putting buyers off your home? After some extensive digging around, here are just some of the things that you need to think of when it comes to pleasing any house buyer.

1) Bad smells
Yes, that’s right, bad smells are one of the biggest complaints of potential home buyers. From your soaking wet cat to foot odor and food smells which may be baked into the walls of the living spaces, bad smells can put off 2/3rds of potential home buyers.

2) Bad Electrics
Outdated electrics, gas, water and all utilities that haven’t been changed or serviced for many years can have a real affect on the home buyer. For many, it’s a sign that the house hasn’t been maintained and a severe cost that they would need to pay out for to bring it all to standards.

3) Clutter/Mess
It goes without saying, but if your house is cluttered and you have newspapers piling up since the Nixon administration you aren’t going to attract many buyers to your house, and if you did, you’re going to struggle to sell to them. Clutter/Mess puts off up to 35% of home buyers in a survey conducted in 2016; get cleaning up and hire a skip if your house has that much lying about.

4) An unkempt yard
You have been told many times before, but if you haven’t, here is the reality; your front yard is your calling card to attracting potential buyers. It is the first thing they see and if the yard looks like it needs a lot of work, they will assume so will the rest of the house. Fix panels and cut the lawn, that would be a good start even if the bare minimum.

5) Bad lighting
Sometimes, this can’t be avoided. Bad lighting is an architectural fault if any, but sometimes, home owners can’t help themselves especially in rooms which shine lots of light but blinds are put up to keep it all out. It’s OK to do that, but when someone is viewing your home, you want the light to come in and show off the house.

Whatever the condition of your home, we at Fast Florida House Sale will make a cash offer on your property in 48 hours of viewing your home. Why not give us a call today to see how we can help.