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Lehigh Acres

Part of Lee County, Lehigh Acres has over recent years suffered with  the housing crisis that affected the country between 2007 and 2010. Now, with an economy that is turning and re-building of new land is starting to take place, Lehigh Acres finds itself in a new economic condition with the possibility of developing a new property regrowth over the next coming years.


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Thinking Of Selling Your Home? You Need To Know How Much It’s Worth!

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to know how to give it the best price for selling. The calculation can be; what’s your home worth, what are the homes in your area selling for and what have they sold for recently. Without doing this kind of analysis you won’t know what your home could sell for and what price range you would need to adopt to sell your home fast! Price it too high with a realtor and you will be sat waiting and waiting and, inevitably waiting for a buyer to come in. If you price your home too low, then you could lose money that you desperately need., Zillow, Trulia and many more
These sites are a great start to understand the market place. Use these portals to check what houses similar to yours are selling for, or have actually sold. Widen your search by a few miles and get a lay of the land, understand what houses are selling for and what conditions they are in a wider area. This kind of knowledge can help you with your home sale.

You Could Try Your Local Realtor If You Don’t Want To Sell Your House Fast!
Local realtors are great, they know an area and deal in common sense, but you’re looking to sell your home fast! Whether a house sells in a week, a month or even half a year, it makes no difference for your local realtor as they have a portfolio of homes and you won’t be a priority which is a shame. Their knowledge can help you establish a price or potential investment that may be required to sell your home fast, but they don’t have a network like ours. We sell your home fast because of this network and that’s what matters.

Avoid The Scams. We Know How To Sell Your House Fast

Why use Fast Florida House Sale? Apart from selling your property fast, we are experts with a wide contact network and because of this, we understand the market place and we make sure that you as customer get treated properly. However there are some websites that want to scam you and your home value because that’s the way that the market has become. Selling your home fast has become an easy way for con artists to take money upfront or worse, have you hand over deeds without you receiving a penny. We advise that you thoroughly check who you are dealing with before making any decisions; that includes us. You will see that we are registered, have a history, a list of clients and a thoroughly licensed to sell your home. Give us a call today to see how we can sell your home fast in Florida.

Fast Florida House Sale has a wide network of buyers that can get your house sold quickly in the Florida area. We also have many investors looking to buy property fast! You don’t need to use a realtor, go out on the streets, post leaflets or even use Craigslist. We have access to investors that are looking for properties just like yours.

There is plenty to see and do in the wonderful city of West Palm Beach, check out our local guide below and see what the great city can offer for those buying, selling or relocating to a new area.

Sell Your House Fast in Lehigh Acres
Part of Lee County, Lehigh Acres has over recent years suffered with  the housing crisis that affected the country between 2007 and 2010. Now, with an economy that is turning and re-building of new land is starting to take place,Lehigh Acres finds itself in a new economic condition with the possibility of developing a new property regrowth over the next coming years.

Due to the economic downturn however, the area did suffer with businesses closing and many attractions left unattended for a period of time. However, as with the economic redevelopment discussed,Lehigh Acres is a property developer’s dream so here is our brief guide to some of theLehigh Acres charm.

Jet Blue Park
11500 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers, FL
For all the baseball fans out there, Jet Blue Park is a fantastic little baseball complex, synonymous with the dream of America’s sport; it’s where the hitters learn to get their home runs and where the pitchers make a name for themselves striking out the up and coming talent. Jet Blue Park is home to the Boston Red Sox spring training and is also an occasional venue for music events and local town meetings.

Majestic Golf Club 
350 Homestead Road South, Lehigh Acres, FL
When it comes to a competitive round of golf, then the Sunshine State is the land for the adventurous golfer. It’s no different here inLehigh Acres with the Majestic Golf Club. Featuring 18 holes, a variety of water hazards, sand traps and different playing surfaces, the Majestic Golf Club has a family feel towards its members and how the club is run making it a friendly, yet equally competitive environment.

Veterans Park 
55 Homestead Road, Lehigh Acres, FL
Have you ever wondered what 61 acres of grassy area turned into an open recreational facility could look like? Well Veterans Park is just that kind of place. With 3 playgrounds, in particular a traditional set up, a boulder for climbing and a splash playground whilst there is also a dog park, many lit sporting areas and a rentable lodge are also available on site.

Los Amigos Grocery and Lechonera 
550 Boulevard Road, Lehigh Acres, FL
Acting as a Puerto-Rican deli, this little shop has some of the best food in the city. Influenced heavily by its Spanish routes, you would be hard pushed to find better empenadas, frituras and many more typical delicacies. As one customer wrote, “Adoro Los Amigos, there this weekend and had the best guineo escabeche I’ve had in years. I always feel at home and very connected to my puerto rican roots when I come here. The best food hands down!!”

Wayback Burgers 
5781 Lee Boulevard, Lehigh Acres, FL 
Are you looking for that all American slice of nostalgia? Then Wayback Burgers delivers the taste of America in some of the most amazing varieties of fresh burger patties, hand driped milkshakes and many other traditional American delicacies. One customer wrote “The Cheesyburger was the best I’ve had in SWFL. The chili cheese fries on the side were on point. Well worth my drive from Estero to Lehigh and pass up any other cheeseburger option along the way.”

Two Shea’s Cafe and Deli 
1219 Homestead Road, Lehigh Acres, FL 
Cafe and Deli serving food all day offering deli style sandwiches and traditional American dishes. A family run venture with a great family feel and service to every order. One customer wrote, “The food is always exceptional. The service is too; a real family operation. The prices are excellent and the portions are large. Both breakfast and dinner are a treat.

Try the Rueben, the French Dip, the Cesar Salad, Chicken Parm when it makes it to the daily special board….Anything you pick will be great.”

Mugs N’ Jugs Family Grille 
For the pit eaters, bbq, grill and all sorts in between, this family eatery has a variety of services from Pool to Karaoke to keep the nighttime entertainment alive. If you want to have a drink with a friend or an out of town relative, this is a great place to bring them. One customer wrote, “Had the best time there. Took my brother there for his birthday. Cause its his second home. Lol. Loved the food, drinks, and atmosphere. And their awesome staff. Definitely will be going back when we come back down for a visit.”

Lehigh Acres suffered a lot through the recession, as many writers wrote at the time, this is the city that was the archetype of the American Dream; with the economy back on the bounce and the mistakes of yesteryear being closely followed to avoid in the future, Lehigh Acres has the opportunity to develop itself into another great city, especially for those looking to develop their property portfolio. We have investors across the country looking for homes just like yours and if you’re looking to invest, why not get in touch.

Fast Florida House Sale in Lehigh Acres 
With our team of experts, our local knowledge of the area and our expertise in delivering cash ready buyers for your home, Fast Florida House Sale understands you and theLehigh Acres market. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you get your house sold fast in today’s exciting market.