3 Mistakes Sellers Make

Home selling can have lots of upsides and lots of downsides too. One of the most important things to home selling is however to minimise the downsides. You see, there are lots of things that sellers tend to do when they try and sell their home; whether it is FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or whether it is through a realtor.

Over the years we have come to see some of the more common issues pop up time and time again. Because of this we have identified these as typical mistakes sellers can make. Here is our rundown of the some of the mistakes sellers can make in the market place.

1) Asking for too much money

This is really common, especially in the FSBO market. You are tempted to go for the highest price valuation possible but this isn’t always necessarily the right approach.

We advise the following steps. Do you research, seek advice and price at a competitive market range for your house. You need to start considering the market that you are in and react to that rather than letting your own selling goal drive the pricing of your property.
mistakes sellers
2) Leaving a mess

This was identified as one of the biggest complaints in recent surveys across the US and Europe for home buyers. Leaving a mess has an impact on the buyer straight away. Firstly, all they focus on is that, the mess over everything else and secondly they start to worry about the rest of the home. Is it clean? What kind of nasty things could be lurking? All the types of things you may start to think about when you see a messy environment.

Our tip, clean up. If you can, get a professional cleaning service to do a day’s deep clean. This can be a complete transformation for your home and as long as you keep on top of your cleaning once or twice a week you will be viewing ready when somebody comes to visit.

3) Marketing is key

One of the minefields to selling anything is marketing. What platform? What do I say? What is the best time to market and so on.

The simple answer is, you want your property to be in front of as many people as possible. You want a multi listing service (which we offer) which gets you listed on the biggest sites for the country. You never know who may be in Denver and want to relocate to Florida.

Marketing is about promotion, and if you don’t do enough of it, it will be a disadvantage to selling your home.