Residents of Florida will know by now that there are two major things happening in the news, Zika and Zika. Yes, we can’t escape the fact that Zika is playing a role in our day to day lives, especially in the news cycle that wants to keep reminding us, beware of Zika.

So, as a Florida resident, living in your home, what do you need to know about Zika and what do you need to know when it comes to selling your house fast in a Zika area?

Our in house expert, John Russo, has some tips and advice for those looking to sell their home fast with all the news of Zika in the press. We then take a quick look at what the CDC suggests when it comes to protecting you, your family and your home from the mosquito transmitted disease.

OK, John, over to you, what do you advise…

Treat it like its environmental
Florida has seen tornados, alligators, massive lizards and a plethora of environmental issues over the years; guess what it doesn’t stop a housing market in its tracks. Obviously, the prospect of getting bitten by mosquitos is higher, and therefore the chance of catching Zika is equally higher.

Yes, we’re not dealing with alligators or crocodiles and mosquitoes are harder to spot than a reptile rushing out of the swamp, however the Governor and his team are investing a lot of money and time into tackling the zika virus. Therefore, you need to treat this like an environmental risk and one which could in the short term affect house prices, but in the long term, it will completely depend on the measures taken now. As much as you can’t predict when and where a hurricane will land, think of the Zika virus in this way.

Don’t panic
It’s easier to say than do, but the second tip I have is to not panic. As you will see, we’ve found some great information on things to do with regards to protecting yourself against the Zika virus. When it comes to the housing market, reports of “sales dropping by 50%” or “house values 30% lower” are completely a micro overreaction to a situation.

If you are looking to sell your house fast, then Zika outbreaks won’t affect your house price more than what you think it actually will. My advice, don’t panic and don’t be swayed by media reports providing one sided views of a situation.

So, what do we advise to help you around the house and know about the virus. We’ve done a bit of research and here are some tips;

1) Remove standing water around the house
A mosquito can breed in just one teaspoon of water, so you need to think about things around the home that can provide the basis of any standing water. Rinse out any cups you use for your toothbrush, flower pots, bottles and accumulating garbage.

Have a pool? Don’t worry, the chlorine used to treat your pool repels mosquitos.

2) Exercise indoors
Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat, both of which, your body makes in bountiful quantities. So, if you’re looking to get fit and healthy, the CDC advises getting some exercise inside the home rather than breaking a sweat in the outdoors to minimise risk of Zika.

3) Get the right mosquito repellent
As Reader’s Digest advised earlier this year, “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends products with active ingredients DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, or IR 3535.”

“DEET is the standard,” Mustapha Debboun, PhD, director of the mosquito control division of Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services in Houston, told NPR. “All the repellents being tested are tested to see if they beat DEET.”