How you present your bedroom is going to be one of the key things that a potential house buyer will use to assess how much work the rest of the house will need. After all, you spend a quarter of your life sleeping, so if your bedroom isn’t up to standards, how can the rest of the home be? Right?

Styling a bedroom for a house sale is going to be a simple yet time heavy feature, simply because you will have large pieces of furniture that you will need to consider storing away for a few days, this includes your bed!

So what are the key guiding tips to selling your home fast by using your bedroom as a guide? Following our bathroom guide, here are just some tips to get your bathroom into that perfect “sell-worthy” standard.

Create Space
When you’re creating your bedroom style and design, you want to also create the sense of flow/space that means that potential buyers will feel at ease with the property and the space that they are in.

Look at hotels, 90% of them have the same floor plans because it is something simple and works. If you have large, clumbersome wardrobes, for your house sale, take them away. Clear your areas of chair or soft furnishings which will block people getting from one area to another.

Play on optics
What you want to achieve here is that, even if your room is not the biggest, you want people to believe it is through optical illusions. So, how do you that?

Windows are the key. If your bed can go in a location where there is good flow in the room and you can get a great view of the outside then point the bed in that direction, and then most importantly, keep the blinds up. You want people to see what they will be seeing first thing in the morning, if you have a view, use it.

If you have wall space, use the area to hang big mirrors which will create a big optical illusion, and lights help massively – small room, small lights, big room, big and small lights. Illuminate the walls and really tell a story with softer plays on your bedroom space.

Make it homely
One of the big pieces of advice that an interior designer will give on a new project is “make the rooms homely and personal to you.” There is no better and no worse place to get this wrong than the bedroom.

The key is to keep the homely element but remove the personal. Personal objects should be removed from the bedroom, but homely objects never. If you have great blankets or throws, use them. If you have variations of colour from fabrics and materials, showcase them. If you have space for long curtains that give you a sense of warmth, use all elements to get your bedroom your showpiece area.