9 Ways You Can Sell Your House Fast Compiled by Fast Florida House Sales

The housing market is never easy to predict. You can have good periods and you can have less than good times, it’s what happens in markets and if anything, the last few years have taught us that the housing market is no different.

But what does that mean for you who is trying to sell their home? In a good market, it could be that your home sells fast but what about a flat market? What happens then? You’re not out of options, and people still want to buy homes, you just need to make yours stand out.

Here are 9 ways that you can sell your house fast.

1) Choose your agent/realtor well
There are lots of people that can claim to sell your house fast, but do they have experience? Do they know the local market? Do they know where they can tap into potential buyers as well? A good agent does. They understand and analyse all of the things that need to happen to get your home to sell. Choosing the right realtor to sell your home can save you time and money in the long run.

2) Get more than one valuation then decide the selling price
One of the biggest mistakes home sellers can make is overpricing their property. It can put off buyers before they even come to view your home, that’s if they’re still interested. Our advice is to get several home evaluations and from their agree a price in your head and with any other party selling the property that you won’t drop below. From there you can price your house competitively and also get peace of mind when it comes to the final sale price.

3) Clear the clutter
We say this a lot to potential sellers, clear the clutter. Your home should be clean and clutter free, that means taking out furniture which is not needed or necessary, making the space more liveable for a potential buyer. You also want to make sure that house is presentable by being clean. Investing in a cleaner to do a big clean before you put your house in the market is always advisable and a cost effective solution.

4) Do some needed home repairs
Worryingly, you will be amazed at some of the damage we see in a home that could be easily fixed. Some basic painting to replacing plug sockets, light switches and even restoring some basic original features on fireplaces can make all the difference. Impressions count and when you’re selling your home you don’t have a lot of time to make the best first impression.

5) But don’t spend too much
You want to keep repairs cost worthy and easy to do. You don’t want to be calling in contractors if you can avoid it and you certainly don’t want to be wasting money on things which are completely aesthetic that require nothing more than elbow grease and patience. Keep the repair costs low where you can and invest in bigger things if needed.

6) Like Kitchens and Bathrooms
A cost-effective solution for bigger items like your kitchen and bathroom however are to do some shopping around and getting some good values on things like counter-tops, cupboard doors and white toilet goods. Ebay and Facebook are great places to look in the market place to get your value items and a contractor for a day is around $300 so if you have the materials on hand, and to a budget, you can get your work done well. Kitchens and bathrooms really sell a home, people see their time being spent the most in the kitchen whilst the bathroom shows how well the home has been treated. These are investments to make in your home if you want to sell it fast.

7) Improve your curb appeal
Curb appeal is one of the most important things when it comes to selling your home. People will make snap decisions about the state of your house from the curb, so the most important thing is to have a presentable home from the street. Your yard must be clear of clutter, your gutters must be aligned and not hanging in pieces and definitely, definitely, get your windows cleaned. It shows that the house has been well kept and catered for.

8) Get feedback from your agent
If your home isn’t selling for whatever reason, ask for specific reasons. Some things you won’t be able to control such as location or neighbourhood but others, like price or that the buyer felt “more had to be done with the home” can be worked on. It may be that you need to invest a little more in the home or that you need a new agent that can sell the more positive aspects of your home that the current agent isn’t doing.

9) Step back and reassess
Why not step back and reassess your home after a period of time, if it isn’t selling. Take the time to consider factors such as period of the year you placed it on sale (spring is usually best) or if the agent wasn’t marketing the property correctly or, if your expectations for a fast sale may have been slightly been hampered by local economics playing a part. Taking the time to think through what you want and what you will get from your home sale can make you think of the right strategy moving forwards.

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