Got questions?

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

1. What's The Difference With You & A Traditional Realtor?

There are quite a number of differences. These include the following;

  • We can get your sale time down between 1 – 4 weeks.
  • No sale, no fee. No hidden costs. We work the deal so that the buyer effectively pays the fees.
  • If you find your own buyer we do not charge you a dime. We get paid on the day of closing ONLY when we find the buyer.
  • We agree with you a realistic ‘out the door net price’ on day 1 so you know what you are going to receive on the day of closing.

2. Are You Offering a Cash Buyer Price?

No. We are offering a listing service for those looking to sell a home by themselves. Every home transaction requires however an authority and solicitor to complete your house sale, what we offer is listing and marketing your product giving you the best possible deal for your house sale. Here’s where we’re also different to a cash buyer site.

  • Our fee varies upon performance but the deal is structured so that effectively the buyer pays our fee. No sale, no fee.
  • We operate as a Transaction Broker throughout the process.

3. Are you strictly a FSBO operator?

No, we wouldn’t call it that. We’re much more. Our service is about the years of experience in buying and selling homes across the US and the state of Florida; we target market your home so you can get the best value for your property in the quickest space of time. What we do is offer our services on a no sale, no fee basis so that it makes your home sale be on your terms. We know that with our experience and expertise we could sell your house fast!


Below are some downloadable documents and guides: