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Florida Realtor with a difference – Fast Florida House Sales

Are you interested in selling your home quickly? Have you tried or are currently attempting to sell a house without much success (be it unable to find a buyer or perhaps not reaching the target price range you were hoping to hit.)?

If you are having these kinds of problems, there are many reasons as to why you might not be having much success with your sale, but don’t despair as these obstacles can be overcome. To sell your home fast, you simply need to see things from the buyer’s point of view. The more you understand the wants and needs of home buyers, the better your marketing strategy will be.

The Smart Home Seller

A Smart Home Seller knows that, “first impressions are lasting impressions.” To market your home successfully doesn’t mean that the home must be overhauled with renovations or improvements, it simply means that the home must be prepared for selling. Such conservative improvements can range from simple repairs to a fresh paint job or simply a good cleaning.

When presenting a home to a buyer, the first glimpse the buyer has of the house (referred to as “curb appeal”) often times triggers the attitude they have toward purchasing the home. Think of it like when meeting a person for the first time; you know it’s the first 30 seconds that counts the most. Because of this first impression axiom, you want the outside of your house to be in optimal selling condition. Bringing a home into selling condition doesn’t mean a great deal of money has to be spent; it’s simply making the face of the home presentable. Cleaning the front lawn, removing any Christmas lights and trimming grass are just a few inexpensive things that can be done to give your home a face-lift. (Extra Information: Planting flowers and such at the front of your home can successfully give your house a touch of color along with a very clean appearance. This is very inexpensive and can do wonders for a first impression. )

Creating the “Right Look”

There are many ways to prepare your home for sale, and most of them are extremely cost efficient and inexpensive. When selling your home, you need to remember that you wish to make the buyer feel as though they are looking at a home they can see themselves in. This means that the home must adopt a clean and neutral atmosphere.

Attaining a neutral atmosphere is simply making your house an open canvas, so to speak. The home needs to be relieved of any statements or personalization that might be present. Such statements can be things such as deer head displays or bear skin rugs; while these may appeal to the seller, it could be offensive or a turn-off to the buyer. When dealing with depersonalization, it’s good to remove anything that may establish the home as “Someone else’s house.” Such personalizing objects are things such as pictures, wall posters or trophies. By creating a Neutral atmosphere, you will have cleaned your home in such a way that potential buyers will feel comfortable and free to picture themselves living in that house.

When dealing with the question of how to sell your home fast, it’s best to keep in mind that there are many tips and tricks to the home selling market. The best method to achieving success in selling your home is to learn what the home buyer is looking for, then preparing your home for sale accordingly.

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How to get the price value you want for your home

So, you’re looking to sell your home at the right value and you are looking at lots of different things. From choosing how to sell your property to the kinds of repairs you have been advised to make, there is a lot going on.

When it comes to your home value however, this can be a stumbling bloc. It happens because you will here the common phrase; “you’re home is only worth what someone is willing to pay.” In a lot of ways this is true.

But what you want to do is find the best possible value for your home and then sell it as close to that as you possibly can. It makes sense, right. You want to sell your house for the best possible value that it possibly can sell for.

So how do you go about achieving that? Here is our mini guide to getting you the house value YOU want!

Research, research, research!
One of the big mistakes that people make is not understanding their home value based on the local market place. Yes, there are national statistics as well as regional, but the big one you want to be looking out for is the local marketplace, and by local, we mean, local.

Check for homes for sale down the street that you live on. Look for homes in the block where you live and then look for any homes in a similar neighbourhood. From there you want to narrow your research to homes that have sold in the last six months and see what their value was. By doing this you get a realistic expectation of the market place.

Of course, you want to check out what kinds of homes are for sale and have sold so that you have a fair comparison for your own home.

Now target your pricing
You understand what is going on in the local market now; possibly better than those selling a home in the local real estate market. Now it is about targeting your pricing to make sure that your strategy is in line with what you want to achieve.

How do you do this? Simple. Take the number that you are now comfortable in your head with after all the research. Then take into account sellers fees, taxes, legal fees. Add that to the figure that you want for your house, and we mean REALLY want for your house. Now that total is figure is where you should target to sell your home.

Understand if the marketplace is willing to pay for that. If it is, great. If it isn’t then you may want to consider either taking a hit on the property or riding out the market until you can get the value that you want.

Don’t spend unnecessarily
The worst thing you can do is spend money unnecessarily on your property to bring it up to a certain standard. Is that what the market is crying out for? Are you really going to get the value back in the short term? No, in the long term yes.

Basically, if you’re looking to sell your home fast, you want to be strategic where money is spent and understand the value that you are going to get from your property in the kind of market you are in.

These basic tips will help you generate the kind of interest and value that you really want for your home.

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3 Mistakes Sellers Make

3 Mistakes Sellers Make

Home selling can have lots of upsides and lots of downsides too. One of the most important things to home selling is however to minimise the downsides. You see, there are lots of things that sellers tend to do when they try and sell their home; whether it is FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or whether it is through a realtor.

Over the years we have come to see some of the more common issues pop up time and time again. Because of this we have identified these as typical mistakes sellers can make. Here is our rundown of the some of the mistakes sellers can make in the market place.

1) Asking for too much money

This is really common, especially in the FSBO market. You are tempted to go for the highest price valuation possible but this isn’t always necessarily the right approach.

We advise the following steps. Do you research, seek advice and price at a competitive market range for your house. You need to start considering the market that you are in and react to that rather than letting your own selling goal drive the pricing of your property.
mistakes sellers
2) Leaving a mess

This was identified as one of the biggest complaints in recent surveys across the US and Europe for home buyers. Leaving a mess has an impact on the buyer straight away. Firstly, all they focus on is that, the mess over everything else and secondly they start to worry about the rest of the home. Is it clean? What kind of nasty things could be lurking? All the types of things you may start to think about when you see a messy environment.

Our tip, clean up. If you can, get a professional cleaning service to do a day’s deep clean. This can be a complete transformation for your home and as long as you keep on top of your cleaning once or twice a week you will be viewing ready when somebody comes to visit.

3) Marketing is key

One of the minefields to selling anything is marketing. What platform? What do I say? What is the best time to market and so on.

The simple answer is, you want your property to be in front of as many people as possible. You want a multi listing service (which we offer) which gets you listed on the biggest sites for the country. You never know who may be in Denver and want to relocate to Florida.

Marketing is about promotion, and if you don’t do enough of it, it will be a disadvantage to selling your home.

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Why Spring Is The Best Time To Sell Your House

Spring. The days are longer, the sun is out, the smell of freshly cut grass is back in the air and the plants in the garden are blooming, and for many, this is the best time to sell your home. There are many realtors that see it this way, there are others who point to disadvantages of selling your home in springtime, the fact that competition could be at its highest, but we’ll get to that later.

Whether it is the weather that gets buyers out or the fact that certain areas of the country, like Florida start to see a shift in local geography with people buying more homes after a cold winter elsewhere in the country, we see that the much thought reasons for buying and selling in spring do make up for the busiest periods in the market place.

So why is spring a great time to sell your home? Here are some of the best reasons for getting your home on the market and getting the best value for your home property.

Better sale prices
Whether you decide to sell FSBO or through a realtor, the reality of selling your home in spring is simple, you can command a better sale price because, there are more houses on the market.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, greater supply should mean that the prices are driven down, but there is a reason why they are driven up; demand is seasonal and affected by things like the weather and the school year and the other contributing reason is simple when you think about it, that is when people have time to move in the holidays. Seasonal demand outstrips supply and that is why homes can sell at their better sale price.

Homes look better
When it comes to your home, the spring time can be one of the better times for potential viewers and visitors as your house will start to show all the unique selling points in the better weather and not be hidden by things like bad lighting or weather; of course if you need to get work done, this would also show up more in this period.

Longer days
The longer days in spring are great for multiple reasons, more than anything, if you were the active sort of person, the nighttime can be a great time to get some good quality exercise in. However, the longer days for a home seller also means that you can fit more home viewings into one day as there will be more daylight and a greater opportunity to show what your home looks like in the light rather than through artificial lighting.

Better valuations of your home
It’s simple, with more homes on the market in this period compared to other times of the year, you will have a greater opportunity to see what the local house market is valuing homes at and where you have opportunities to sell your home and what kind of additional value or premium you can place on your home compared to others in the area.

Is spring time one of the best times to sell your home? Yes, most definitely and hopefully these tips give you a little more indication as to why.

For more details on how to sell your home in spring or to have a quick chat with one of our advisors, why not pick up the phone or drop us an email and get in contact today.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

Mistakes, we all make them. Whether it is the dress or suit you are wearing, to what you picked out at a restaurant for your meal. Yes, we all know the feeling, but there are some mistakes which can have a more lasting consequences if you’re not careful. That’s right selling your home is where the casual mistake can cause multiple issues.

When you put your house on the market, you will think to yourself, “That’s it, it’s on the market and I’m ready to sell! Photos have been taken, we’re on the listed property sites, we’ve attracted our first potential buyers, it’s all going great.”

But then, you start to notice something. People aren’t biting. There have been no bids, your house hasn’t sold and there isn’t the whiff of something happening soon. This ladies and gentleman is the art of selling a home, and now you’re battling to get everything right to try and sell.

Mistakes, costly when you’re selling a home and even more costly if you’re trying to do it quick. So, what are the mistakes to avoid when it comes to selling your house and how can you avoid them? Here is our quick guide to help you avoid the usual pitfalls.

1) Stalker sellers
We understand that the temptation is there to be present throughout the home selling journey, I mean, who is going to know your house better than you, right? You understand the layout, where the sun traps are, and where you have invested money in making your house, the home it is today.

But, by disrupting the viewer constantly and invading their personal space, they aren’t appreciating the property, they’re being disrupted by you the seller. What if they want to ask questions about the local property market? What if they want to speak to their partner about areas of the home for improvements or how they could see themselves living there? These are all the kinds of things you want to give time and space to.

Leave the buyer’s alone. If you can, let the agent take them around the house and you go for a starbucks or walk whilst they’re viewing your property.

2) Overvaluing your house
Another common mistake for when people are selling their home is how much value they put into what they think their home is worth. Whilst there may be a lot of sentimental value in the home, you can only sell your house for the amount the market deems it worth to be. If you don’t have a good idea of what your home is worth, you shouldn’t be valuing the property, simple as that.

Leave it to the agents. A lot of realtors understand the market better than you. They have an appreciation of local and market factors, they know how to competitively price your house and set realistic targets to getting your home sold.

3) Dirty and smelly homes
This one is obvious, yet there are plenty of people that make this kind of mistake when showing their home to potential buyers. Having a dirty or smelly home is not going to help improve your chances of selling your property.

bedroom homely

From having dirty plates in the sink to a coffee table covered in, well, coffee cups, it doesn’t help give the potential buyers a good idea of what your home looks like or how they could live there.

It’s a pretty simple one, clean up. If you don’t have the time, get an agency in to help you or leave them to it. You want a house that is presentable and something so easy to move around in that you can have potential buyers feeling excited about and not feeling like they’re covered in dirt when they leave your home.

4) Bad photos or worse, no photos at all
One of the biggest tips for selling your home has to be, make sure you have great photos of your property. The saying, “a picture is a thousand words” couldn’t be truer for the most expensive thing most people will purchase in their lifetime.

Great photos can really highlight the benefits of your home. From the amount of space to the amount of light, modern features and quirks that make your house the ideal spot, then you have to understand that a great photo can help sell your home, if not perk interest.

But bad photos, or no photos at all could do precisely the opposite. You won’t attract the right buyers, if any and you won’t be marketing your house to the best of its potential.

curb appeal buying

Hire a pro. It will cost $200 but it will be worth it. Make sure they use the right lenses, focus on the right lighting contrasts and let them get on with getting the best snaps of your home.

And finally

5) Ugly home improvements
We’ve written plenty of times how easy it is to add value with just a lick of paint, but sometimes, people can go a little too far and make the kinds of home improvements that can put of potential buyers. Big Mistake!

Whether it is a new porch, big garden water features or even simply decorating your house to be more, des res, then you could be putting off potential buyers, simple.

Ask your agent what they think is necessary to help with a house sale and stick to a small budget, that way you can’t overdo it.


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How To Sell Your House Short Notice

Owning a house has become a privilege. The statistics in home ownership, especially in large cities is showing this to be the norm over anything else. But when it comes to home ownership in suburban towns and villages, the case is a little different.

Yet there could be a time when having to sell your home fast or at short notice could be something you may never have contemplated. Life unfortunately, doesn’t always follow a script.

We’ve seen this plenty of times. It could be that your job has moved across the country, that you may be going through a separation or that you have lost a loved one. These aren’t the easiest circumstances, and the thought of having to manage a house and the associated bills can be overwhelming. That is why in some cases, like the ones listed, people look to sell their property fast and use the cash for a smaller property or go and rent for a period of time.

Whatever your circumstance however, selling your house at short notice needs to also work for you. If you’re looking to get the most value from your home, in the shortest timescale possible, then we have some advice in how to achieve this.

Here is our brief guide to making your house sale work for you.

How much will it cost?
A lot of consideration goes into selling the house, but not a lot goes into how much it will cost to sell. This can cause a few issues as the unexpected costs can start to pile up. From realtor fees to legal costs you can be anywhere around the 15% of your home value sale once sold.

These are precisely the kinds of things you need to get your mind around before selling your home. You may want to speak to your realtor (see next point) about fees, what is negotiable and what you can do with regards to lowering fees after a period of non sale. I.e. reduction of 3% to 1.5% if the house hasn’t sold after 4 weeks.

Figure out who you want to sell your home
Choosing your realtor is going to be the big decision here. You could sell your house fast for cash, which has advantages, especially if you need to leave within a 10 day window, or if you have a little more time to afford, then you want to shop around.

We, for example look to get your house sold within a 90 day window, that includes marketing the property, getting your legal documentation complete as well as providing the kind of service you would take with other realtors.

You want a team that knows how to turn properties around quickly. For example we have a database of international investors as well as local property experts always looking for another home to purchase. We can piece together the right deals and packages to ensure that you stand the best chance of selling your home, fast, for the right price.

Set the price right
A cash sale offering can be as low as 70% of your house market value. A traditional realtor will look to sell your house for the maximum possible value and take a longer period to do this. It makes sense that they would be more sensitive to a price fluctuation as anyone else.

The key to consider is, what is your home worth – how much would you accept for your home when it is sold. This is the key number that you want to play with. You do this by looking at the market place – is it a buyers or sellers market, understanding home value sales and then working from there.

Get your property ready
Does your home need a few essential repairs? A lick of paint? A spring clean? If it is any of the above, do this first, do it quickly.

However, don’t overspend. Be careful with the money you need to invest into the property and what are overly cosmetic things. Homes have been lived in, you don’t want to go and spend money where it isn’t needed and where you can get more value for your dollar in investing in marketing your property.

Market your property
Your realtor or FSBO agent should be marketing your property but you want to know how they’re doing it and what effort is being made to sell your property fast. Go with an agent that can multiple list your property sale, get people that can spend the time and effort ensuring that you will get the best possible value for your house by getting it in front of as many people as possible.

Also, a property staging is another great way to get people into your home, looking around the property and getting an idea if they could live there. A house staging places the buyer in your home with an intent to buy on the day, especially if your home is well presented.

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How Multipe Listing Sales (MLS) Help Sell Your Home

Choosing your realtor today is a big decision. Whether you are looking to sell your home fast, go through FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or through a traditional realtor, selecting a representative for your home to deal with the listing, the marketing, the sale and the legal work that goes with it is something that should be trusted with only the most trustworthy realtors.

Today we are going to talk about the listing your property and how a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) helps sell your home and how it also helps to sell your home faster.

There is a difference between exclusive and multiple
OK, we know, that makes complete sense and you don’t need us to spell out that particular difference, however, when it comes to selling your home this can have a major impact on what helps to sell your home for the best possible value in the quickest timescales compared to a quick sale promotion or having to wait for a long period of time until you can sell your home.

Some of these solutions may suit you, others may not. Let’s be honest. If you want to get the best deal for your home, you need it to be seen by many people, in the shortest time possible.

This is where Multiple Listing Services (MLS) come into play
Today, the process of buying a home has changed dramatically from just a few years ago. It used to be that you would go across neighbourhoods, ones you particularly liked and noted any homes that were for sale. You would then call realtors and get prices, be sent information and then arrange a visit.

Today, home selling starts at the monitor. That’s right, the power of the computer has taken over. According to the 2016 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 51% of buyers found their home through the internet.

You need to think about where your audience is and their behaviour. How are they getting their information? Where are they getting their information? How can you get your home in front of their eyes?

It comes down to savvy marketing skills and knowing the market. Listing sites are the best avenue to get in front of your audience, a relevant audience, one with the intent to buy.

MLS forms part of today’s real estate marketing. It allows you to place your home in the hands of multiple realtors, online and bricks and mortar to get your home sold. The concept is simple, get your home to the right people at the right time, with the right intent.

What are the advantages of Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
A multiple listing service (MLS) has many more advantages than just putting your home in front of a wider audience, although that is the biggest. There are other factors to consider as well;

It breeds competition to help sell your home quicker
If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t owe the agents anything*
You’re free to market the property FSBO
You can halve the commission as you would only pay for the selling portion of the home.

*Some agents may ask for you to pay a base fee, say $100 dollars to be listed.

Naturally there are some disadvantages to Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
There is always a case that there could be disadvantages to selling this way as well;

Some buyers may perceive that multiple listings could mean there is a problem with the house
Some buyers may decide that your house is an easy purchase and try and drive down price
Some buyers may call around the different agents to see if they could start a bidding war to lower your house value

So what are the right tactics with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
You must know that when it comes to going down the MLS route, you have confidence in the agents placing your home there. MLS tends to be for the FSBO seller, but one that understands that by using a realtor they can get some of the marketing and placement benefits that are otherwise missing from a FSBO sale.

How does Fast Florida House Sale handle your MLS?
Naturally, at Fast Florida House Sale we can list your house on Multiple Listing Services to help sell your home fast. We however have a bit of a different stance on how to do this.

We believe that every home seller deserves the opportunity to get their home seen by as many people as possible to get the attention going as fast as possible. We therefore believe that your home should be listed with the right agents, right sites for no fee. If you don’t sell the property, there is no sale fee,

We will work for you to be seen by the right sites like RightMove,, Zillow and many more.

Why? Because we want our clients to be seen and their homes to be sold, for the best value in the quickest possible time. Multiple Listing Services can do this, and we want it to help you get your house sold fast.

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Maximise Your Home Selling Potential : Price

Whether you have gone down the tried and tested realtor road or a fast for cash house sale scheme, one thing becomes very apparent when you’re selling your home; “am I maximising my home value, am I selling at the right price?”

The real question here is, “how should I price my home?” It’s easy to get caught in the trap of, sell it for the most amount of money you can. In fact, that’s not so much a trap but sound financial advice, moreover, what you want to know is, what is the real value of my home, and how can I get it?

The single most important factor about any house sale is the price you’re asking. It’s that old biblical story of “ask and you shall receive” but there is a caveat, ‘you need to ask intelligently.’ You can’t expect to sell your home for $150,000 if the local market place hasn’t broken through the $120,000 barrier.

Pricing is all about supply and demand, there are agents who know how to price at the market value, there are those who understand the market intent. In both cases, this requires time, experience and a strong understanding of where your home can have the most impact from a sales perspective.

If you were looking to sell your home FSBO then understanding the sales principle is fundamental. Researching the market may not be enough, and if you go with a realtor who is looking to make targets over actually selling your property, then you can have some issues with getting the wrong kind of buyer – someone not willing to buy your house at market value, for example instead of someone with the right intent. How you price your home will  affect your house selling potential, period.

Look beyond the market, compare house for house
It’s great to look at the market place. Let’s say you live in Fort Lauderdale, and you have a three bedroom home on the market. It has a nice yard, parking, garage, a nice kitchen etc. Now let’s say the house across the street is for sale, similar setup but it is on the back of a marina. It has access to waterways etc. You could be talking of a price variance of $100,000.

What you need to do is be specific with your home comparisons. Going back to our example, you may want to search for homes more like yours than compared to the one across the street which will give you a better example of your house price. Only then will you see where your market value and price threshold really is.

Look at the homes that have sold
However you go about pricing your home, with or without your realtor, you want to also look at the homes that have sold. From this set of information you will be able to see;

  • What was the actual value of the house on sale compared to For Sale price.
  • What the average market reductions were. For example, 15% difference between For Sale and Sold for one area may apply to a style of home over another.
  • See what homes were taken down from listing and then re-listed and seeing what the price variance was at that point.

Look at the homes that did not sell
There will be numerous homes that did not sell. There will be reasons why they didn’t as well. One thing is guaranteed however, price will have had a major factor. You can learn from the mistakes of those that didn’t sell by seeing what kind of market they were in and how they priced their homes.

Square foot comparisons
It seems like a given that you already know what your house square foot measurements are, but there is something more to this than meets the eye.

  • Once you’ve sold your home, a buyer’s lender will order an appraisal and will want to compare to homes of similar square footage; if your house was overvalued, this will show up.
  • Appraisers don’t want to deviate more than 25% and prefer to stay within 10% of net square foot comparisons.

Market dependent pricing
And finally, pricing your property is market dependent, OK, so we knew that but what we mean here is, is it a buyers market or a sellers market. They will vary greatly for what you will be able to do in order to maximise your house selling potential. For the following example, let’s say your house is $150,000.

  • In a buyers market, you will be able to achieve close to your house value price. Let’s say that when compared to other homes, similar square footage, features etc, the buyer may have limited wiggle room if the prices are in the same ball park. Here you could expect to sell your house between $145,000 to $149,000.
  • In a sellers market you have more people searching for houses than actually available. So in this case you may want to add 10% to your house value, so $165,000 is your new selling price and you can look to make a bit more profit on your home sale.
  • In a balanced market you may need to edge to what the last house that sold similar to yours went for and adjusted slightly for market changes. You may be able to add 1% to your sale value, $154,500 or take 1% off, $145,500. This is where you need to best judge your market sale value.

To maximise your house selling potential, price is the first big step into getting the right position for the market place. Keep aware of the market and make sure your realtor is working with you on a price that can sell in the market and not plucking one out of the air.

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So You’ve Decided To Sell FSBO

Selling your house can be an exciting and somewhat stressful time, but there has been a pattern emerging for the last decade in going it alone and selling your home all by yourself, FSBO. (For Sale By Owner)

Obviously, we as realtors have seen many sides of this sale model and with any level of service we have come to understand what works and what doesn’t work as well. This is of course not saying that FSBO isn’t a model that doesn’t work well; there are many homes and more individuals selling their property through FSBO than ever before and the market is constantly growing.

But today, we wanted to discuss with you the process of selling FSBO and understanding what you as a seller need to do to make your property stand out, and importantly, sell.

Selling a house, whether it is FSBO or with a realtor requires the following basic principles;

Pricing your house correctly
Qualifying your buyer
Advertising your property
Knowing the laws and regulations to a house sale

Pricing your house correctly
This is one of the most important, if not, most important aspects of selling your home. Too low and you undervalue your house and your potential sale value after all the expenses paid out. Too high, and you may not even attract viewers, and when you do, you will get some offers that can completely undervalue your home.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast, undervaluing your property is the quickest way to attract viewers, but you need to understand if they are serious about your house sale, or if it is window shopping. (More on that in qualifying your buyer).

Are you aware of the property market that you are in? Do you know the local area well enough when it comes to the property market? Have you looked at house value prices? Have you seen what the expected market values might attract over the next coming period?

These are important considerations, especially when you are selling your house. One of the apparent advantages of selling your own home is that you get to dictate a little more the conditions, but this is what the market will decide, so you need to understand how the market is behaving before you can price your own home.

Qualifying your buyer
There is the famous scene in Glengarry Glenross where the sales staff are taught the rules of selling, ABC. Always Be Closing. It’s vicious, crude and downright antagonistic! But this is one of the things you need to be able to do when it comes to selling your home.
This is about understanding the person and their interest in buying. People are prone to window shopping, seeing what they could buy if they had money, or what type of property might be available for them in 12 months time.

These are the kinds of viewers you want to qualify early. A realtor will do this over the phone, they will ask questions where the intentions are clear and sometimes, this can stop people from even viewing the property and wasting your time; when you go FSBO you will need to gather the acumen to do this as well as the ABC rule of sales.

Advertising your property
You will see that there are sites where they offer advertising for your FSBO, however, do you know what market range they have? Do they place your property in the paper? Are they proactive with you and your property? Are they doing everything to get your house sold?

The answer is more than likely not. There is little in it for them other than an advertising fee, so then you need to take charge. You need to get your property MARKETED! Yes, there is difference between advertised and marketed, especially in a FSBO sale.

You need to take charge of the advertising, driving attention and money to getting the best deal possible for your house to be seen by as many people in the area and beyond to get your house sold. Realtors, good realtors, like ourselves, look after that.

Do you have access to a portfolio of buyers? Do you have access to a portfolio of international investors? Do you have the time to chase these leads as well as generate new ones?

Knowing the laws and regulations of selling your property
Legal documents are no joke when it comes to selling your home. The last thing you want to be doing is creating more work, spending more money and getting nowhere, fast because you don’t have the paperwork to get this area of your home sale organised.

If you don’t have the skills to write binding contracts, you will either risk your house sale completely or have to hire someone last second to get this completed at a great cost to you and your personal finances.

How much do you know about, buyer’s contingencies, seller disclosure laws, lead based paint issues, financing options, title and deed requirements? Any of these things can lead to post sale legal disputes and you want to avoid these at all costs.

The easiest thing to remember with anything legal… be prepared. Get your documents in order. Go and speak to a realtor about the kinds of contracts you need to put in place, speak to a solicitor about handling the paperwork, do whatever is necessary to make your house sale worth the time and investment by going it alone and not having to think about legal repercussions afterwards.

In conclusion
Selling your home through FSBO is achievable, but there are hidden perils and you need to be fully aware of these before you decide that you want to sell your home this way.

There are many different things to consider as well as the list from above.

We haven’t touched upon scams, home safety, negotiation or the other myriad of things that are essential to a home sale. Most FSBO sales are performed through some sort of realtor service anyway, so you need to be aware of a 3% charge (in some cases 6%) without having any of the benefits associated with a realtor looking after your home sale.

Selling your home can be stressful and if you were to get any of the above wrong, it could add to that stress greatly. Be prepared to learn day to day, learn how to market and get your house sale on track when you go through FSBO.

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How To Sell Your House Fast : Bedroom Makeover

How you present your bedroom is going to be one of the key things that a potential house buyer will use to assess how much work the rest of the house will need. After all, you spend a quarter of your life sleeping, so if your bedroom isn’t up to standards, how can the rest of the home be? Right?

Styling a bedroom for a house sale is going to be a simple yet time heavy feature, simply because you will have large pieces of furniture that you will need to consider storing away for a few days, this includes your bed!

So what are the key guiding tips to selling your home fast by using your bedroom as a guide? Following our bathroom guide, here are just some tips to get your bathroom into that perfect “sell-worthy” standard.

Create Space
When you’re creating your bedroom style and design, you want to also create the sense of flow/space that means that potential buyers will feel at ease with the property and the space that they are in.

Look at hotels, 90% of them have the same floor plans because it is something simple and works. If you have large, clumbersome wardrobes, for your house sale, take them away. Clear your areas of chair or soft furnishings which will block people getting from one area to another.

layout bedroom

Play on optics
What you want to achieve here is that, even if your room is not the biggest, you want people to believe it is through optical illusions. So, how do you that?

Windows are the key. If your bed can go in a location where there is good flow in the room and you can get a great view of the outside then point the bed in that direction, and then most importantly, keep the blinds up. You want people to see what they will be seeing first thing in the morning, if you have a view, use it.

If you have wall space, use the area to hang big mirrors which will create a big optical illusion, and lights help massively – small room, small lights, big room, big and small lights. Illuminate the walls and really tell a story with softer plays on your bedroom space.

mirrors beds

Make it homely
One of the big pieces of advice that an interior designer will give on a new project is “make the rooms homely and personal to you.” There is no better and no worse place to get this wrong than the bedroom.

The key is to keep the homely element but remove the personal. Personal objects should be removed from the bedroom, but homely objects never. If you have great blankets or throws, use them. If you have variations of colour from fabrics and materials, showcase them. If you have space for long curtains that give you a sense of warmth, use all elements to get your bedroom your showpiece area.

bedroom homely

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Selling Your House Fast: 3 Different Ways

Selling your house can be a stressful time. You may be moving because you can no longer afford the heavy mortgage repayments – especially if your bank introduces new rates. You could be selling your house because you need to move with your job and commuting from Florida to Los Angeles isn’t that feasible. Or you could be selling your house because, it wasn’t yours to start with; you could have inherited the property.

Whatever the reasons for selling your home, you know that there are solutions that you can take to get the best deal, and in the fastest way to get your house sold.

So, what are best ways to sell your house fast in Florida and how can we help you in sell your house fast? Here are some suggestions.

Do it yourself
If you wanted to avoid the cost of realtors and have the experience in either performing house staging, understand the property market and perhaps dealt with the legal side as well as the marketing of a property, then selling your house by yourself can be a great solution.

There are of course a few downsides as well upsides. You need to manage the whole process which can be time restrictive; this includes organising viewings, being present at the showtime and even explaining any land legal requisites.

You will need to also market the property on websites, come up with sales pitch marketing language, get professional photos and being communicative throughout the whole sale purpose.

Use a realtor
There is nothing wrong with using realtors, whilst there have been some in the past that developed bad reputations, there are plenty around today that treat your home like their home. They organise everything, they make sure that you get the best deal for your home because the better the deal you can get, they get. It’s simple mathematics and logic.

However using a realtor can also pose a few problems. One of the big ones is understanding some of the finer details of your home which only you can really know and your realtor may not market to its best potential. The other downside with your realtor is the amount it costs.

On an average property sale of $100,000 you could be looking at nearly $10,000 in commission and taxes alone. That can be a problem, especially for those looking to generate quick capital – oh, and your realtor can’t sell your property fast if the market isn’t moving fast; you’ll need to wait for the market to move fast to get that kind of quick turnaround.

Use us, Fast Florida House Sale
Well, we couldn’t have a piece about selling homes fast without mentioning ourselves now, could we? We’ve been doing this for years and we understand the property market game. The advantages of using a service like ours include, fast guaranteed cash sale, usually within 48 hours; we also don’t have people walking through your home, dirtying your living areas, being nosy. We make sure that we take the market out of the equation and with our list of contacts we get cash buyers lined up that can take the properties straight away.

Ok, so what are the downsides, nothing is perfect, right? Well, OK the only downside is that you may only get upto 95% house market value. But think of that for a moment, with no legal fees, no realtor fees, no tax to pay, we get your house to market and sold within 48 hours with no haggling. Sounds like a great solution to selling your house fast.

Why not give us a call and see what one of the three options to selling your house fast can be with Fast Florida House Sale.