Selling Your House Fast: 3 Different Ways

Selling your house can be a stressful time. You may be moving because you can no longer afford the heavy mortgage repayments – especially if your bank introduces new rates. You could be selling your house because you need to move with your job and commuting from Florida to Los Angeles isn’t that feasible. Or you could be selling your house because, it wasn’t yours to start with; you could have inherited the property.

Whatever the reasons for selling your home, you know that there are solutions that you can take to get the best deal, and in the fastest way to get your house sold.

So, what are best ways to sell your house fast in Florida and how can we help you in sell your house fast? Here are some suggestions.

Do it yourself
If you wanted to avoid the cost of realtors and have the experience in either performing house staging, understand the property market and perhaps dealt with the legal side as well as the marketing of a property, then selling your house by yourself can be a great solution.

There are of course a few downsides as well upsides. You need to manage the whole process which can be time restrictive; this includes organising viewings, being present at the showtime and even explaining any land legal requisites.

You will need to also market the property on websites, come up with sales pitch marketing language, get professional photos and being communicative throughout the whole sale purpose.

Use a realtor
There is nothing wrong with using realtors, whilst there have been some in the past that developed bad reputations, there are plenty around today that treat your home like their home. They organise everything, they make sure that you get the best deal for your home because the better the deal you can get, they get. It’s simple mathematics and logic.

However using a realtor can also pose a few problems. One of the big ones is understanding some of the finer details of your home which only you can really know and your realtor may not market to its best potential. The other downside with your realtor is the amount it costs.

On an average property sale of $100,000 you could be looking at nearly $10,000 in commission and taxes alone. That can be a problem, especially for those looking to generate quick capital – oh, and your realtor can’t sell your property fast if the market isn’t moving fast; you’ll need to wait for the market to move fast to get that kind of quick turnaround.

Use us, Fast Florida House Sale
Well, we couldn’t have a piece about selling homes fast without mentioning ourselves now, could we? We’ve been doing this for years and we understand the property market game. The advantages of using a service like ours include, fast guaranteed cash sale, usually within 48 hours; we also don’t have people walking through your home, dirtying your living areas, being nosy. We make sure that we take the market out of the equation and with our list of contacts we get cash buyers lined up that can take the properties straight away.

Ok, so what are the downsides, nothing is perfect, right? Well, OK the only downside is that you may only get upto 95% house market value. But think of that for a moment, with no legal fees, no realtor fees, no tax to pay, we get your house to market and sold within 48 hours with no haggling. Sounds like a great solution to selling your house fast.

Why not give us a call and see what one of the three options to selling your house fast can be with Fast Florida House Sale.

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How To Sell Your Home | Bathroom Re-modelling

One of the key considerations people make when it comes to selling their home is how much needs to be invested to get it to a “sell-worthy” standard. The areas that most people like to focus on is either the living room or the kitchen.

However, when it comes to value for money, the bathroom is arguably one of the better options, plus the sign of a clean, well kept bathroom is a silent psychological prompt to buyers of the state of the home; the better the bathroom, the better overall quality of the house.

So what are the key guiding tips to selling your home fast by using your bathroom as a guide? Here are just some tips to get your bathroom into that perfect “sell-worthy” standard.

Clear your countertops
When it comes to your bathroom, you need to remember that during a house sale, no one wants to think of visiting someone’s bathroom, but their own. Therefore, things like toiletries, hygiene products, toothbrushes, cotton balls – the usual things you’d have in your bathroom would put potential buyers off, so in that case; clear your countertops.

bathroom tops

Build up your storage
This doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money but if you were going to put some cosmetic budget into your bathroom, then storage units are the way to go to. From under sink storage to even simpler storage items like wicker baskets you will find that you get maximum storage from little investment.

bathroom storage

Be sure that your cupboards are only two thirds full so it appears that your cupboards are larger on the inside and get rid of any old items of furniture that is taking up unnecessary space.

Get the cleaning kit
Dirty bathrooms put buyers off with exceptional ease. Keeping a clean space is easy once you have a routine, so you want to be sure that the first big clean in your selling phase is thorough. Use soft bleach on items like your white goods, get your floors cleaned with the right cleaning products and ensure that your cleaning routine goes over the bathroom at least once a week.

Minor upgrades
You don’t need to pay a lot, and you can use sites like eBay or Etsy for more unusual patterns and colour choices but minor upgrades will do a lot when it comes to your bathroom.

From mirrors to a new sink or even taps and handles for the doors, anything that can give your house the look and feel of new and fresh, that will help a lot with the buyers as they will feel that the house could be moved into straight away.

Keep it neutral
The last tip for your bathroom has to be, keep the colours neutral. From paint work to cabinets, having a neutral tone will seem less personal and more inviting to the potential buyers.

neutral bathroom

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