How To Sell A Small House Fast

The time has come for you to upsize your living quarters. Yes, the first house you possibly bought was a little on the small size. Maybe you were single at the time and have found love. Maybe, just maybe, you have unexpectedly grown in family size that wasn’t really planned.

Whatever the reasons, your once cosy, small home is now too cosy and you need to upsize, fast! First, before you do any of that work though, you need to sell your small house!

Here’s the thing, you now think that selling a small house is going to be impossible. What you fail to recognise is, you’re no longer selling to your new, ambitious, bigger house person. You’re selling to a market that you were in not that long ago.

What you need to do is stop thinking big and start thinking smart. Want to know what tips can help you sell a small house fast? Here are some ideas to making you get that fast cash sale on your small property.

Storage, Storage, Storage
When it comes to small homes, storage is key! Whether that be smart hanging rails to clever under furniture storage solutions, what you want to do is take the clutter that can easily build up in a small house/apartment and make the best use of storage solutions that give you the sense of space and flow around the living areas.

By moving the TV off a tall unit and instead replacing with a wall bracket and then using a low storage solution, you will create more wall space and make the room look naturally bigger and brighter.


Let the light in
Here is one big caveat of small living, lighting. You will either be blessed with lots of natural light that you can maximise by making windows bigger, or if possible, by knocking down a wall and creating lots of flowing light areas, or you may be limited on what architectural smashing may be possible.

If the later is the case, then what you want to do is to create the most amount of light points as possible. You can start with paint that is designed to reflect light particles, you can add great light fittings and features that can double up as wall features and storage solutions.

Finally, consider strip lighting in the ground or across your lower floor features. By illuminating from below as well as from the sides, rooms appear naturally large.


Be practical with colours
It makes sense that if you start painting things dark, you will naturally “close the room” making it look smaller and unwelcoming. A dark colour could be an accent on a wall, but we would advise that you aim to get the pale, neutral colours as your main wall colours. You will make spaces larger and brighter.

Lift your floor!
If budget wasn’t an issue, then one of the big things that you could do is a small space is to, in some way, lift your floor.

What we mean by this is to either develop a mezzanine level or raise your living areas by creating zones each with functional areas creating an open-plan layout, and there’s space beneath the raised section for storage of furniture or other possessions.


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How To Stage Your Bedroom For A House Sale

Selling your home fast can come with many different caveats. Whether you are trying to sell because of family circumstances, your job has moved or you’re looking for a change, making sure you have the kind of home that will sell is key to getting what you need, and where you need to be, fast!

So what does that take, and how can you be best prepared for the sight and sound of visitors to your home?

House staging/open houses have become more and more commonplace, and it’s no surprise that there are business sprouting all across the country of people sticking home stagings together.

One of the rooms though that is forgotten is the bedroom, and this is a BIG mistake! Think about it, if you’re buying a house you will want to understand where you will be spending the most amount of time. From the kitchen to the living room, you will spend a lot of time in social areas but the bedroom is unique. Depending on where your house is based, you could be attracting the kind of buyer that really values a good sized bedroom and the benefits of en-suite bathroom and other facilities.

Therefore it is essential that you stage not only your living areas, but your resting ones as well. Here are some tips to a bedroom staging.

Choose calm, relaxing colours
One of the big things is, bedrooms are a personal choice, because of that, you can be mistaken for thinking that the colour scheme should be as equally unique as you are. Great, but if you’re trying to sell your home, you want to convey a place of rest and relaxation.

So how do you that? Start with the right colour. “Start by using neutrals – such as white, taupe, silver, gold, charcoal – and steering away from bright prints and patterns.”


Get on Ebay for some lighting
When you’re looking to sell your home, you want to save as much money as possible, but have you ever considered the possibility that your room may need a few features and therefore you need to spend some money?

If the answer is yes, then you want to consider eBay. Not only can you save cash, you can get some great finds, and one of the best things you can to a bedroom is have bedside lights. Big, bright bedside lighting that adds a touch of glamour and interior styling. Big base and lampshades can transform rooms!

bedroom lamps

Put your bed in the right position
This sounds stupid but trust us when we say, people can still get this “wrong” even if they’ve slept at their house for 20+ years.

Bed positioning is all about enhancing room space, creating the illusion of equal lengths between windows, doors and storage areas and finally, using your bed to hide any ghastly old plug sockets. Buyers appreciate a well laid out room, and if one like your bedroom can evoke the right ideas of space and a focus on areas, then this is what you need to do to make it work.

Know how to contrast
So the first point was all about creating the right look, one that evokes peace and tranquility. Well knowing how to contrast the colours and textures in the room can make the difference for the buyer.

We are talking about using a crisp white on the walls with a dark blue or grey feature wall. We are looking at different materials, like wood and high end plastic chairs or cabinets to make the room stand out. We are also talking about throws on the bed to contrast shapes and textures. Get it right, the buyer won’t just want the house, but they’ll want your interior design skills too.

bedroom textures

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The Pro’s Of Florida Property Investment

For many investors, the choices of what to do with their money over the last ten years has grown beyond expectation. From investments in rare wine’s to antique cars; furniture to musical instruments and even the major growth in crowd funding businesses to see a rate of return as near as 18% in some cases is really something that we can all admire.

However, when it comes to bricks and mortar, there has never been a marketplace or investment opportunity in these areas as ever before.

With more people placing their properties on the market than in the last decade, looking to either move from an area or simply go for larger square meters in their property, the housing market across the US has developed, especially after the financial crisis of 2006 – 2009.

Florida is of course one of those popular spots for real estate investment. Whether it is individuals buying a retirement property, a group of friends pooling their resources to get a second home or the standard winter migration to the state, Florida is a popular destination and a much sought after real estate investment dream.

If you’re in the market for property investment, here are just some of the pro’s of investing in this, Florida property marketplace.

Rates of return
When it comes to rates of return, the Florida property market is one of the best for investors. In fact if you look at the state as a whole, it has a better rate than nearly all with the state of New York and Hawaii only faring better in recent housing market reports. What type of return on investment are we talking about? Between 9% and 14%.

Between Orlando (2), Fort Lauderdale (8), Cape Coral (10) and Tampa Bay (14), these cities featured in the top 100 of property investment locations in a Forbes article written in May, 2016.

As discussed in the article, the findings didn’t shock the experts. “Why is Florida, of all places, dominating the list? “The Florida situation surprised me,” admits Winzer. But in light of the national economic recovery, Florida’s rise makes a lot of sense. Because it attracts retirees, second-home buyers, and investors, the Sunshine State’s housing market is subject to more volatility than other markets.”

If you were to look at property investment as a complete package, you would understand that it can work in two ways.

The first is that you have to buy the property, dependent upon condition, you could get a real bargain. But for you to make the necessary returns and margins on a re-sale, you need to use the right amount of leverage and finance facilities to make this happen.

That is where investing in Florida is great. The banks on average can provide the financial leverage for you and is typically 70% of full asking price.

Tax Advantages
Well, tax advantages for investing in Florida have been well noted. Aside from a handful of other states which include, Wyoming, Nevada and Texas, getting a tax advantage is one of the attractions of investing in the Florida market place.

There are different ways that one can get tax advantages, especially if the investor is living out of the state. Income tax is not collected by the IRS in Florida, and your overall tax payments will be lower. There are of course many different ways of getting tax relief from Florida property investment and these should be researched and discussed first before making any big leaps into the real estate market.

For investors looking to use the right company to source and find properties for great opportunities, give us a call today to see how we can help you with your queries.

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What is putting buyers off your home?

There are loads of guides on how to sell your home. From realtors to lifestyle magazines and bloggers, you can’t not find the right kind of information for when it comes to selling your house. Even our own amazing blog is a great source for things to look out for.

But when it comes to the question of what to avoid when you are selling your home, that is a completely different matter.

From surveys to randomly generated reports, the kind of information that you can find on what not to do when it comes to selling your home can be confusing.

The real question then is, what is putting buyers off your home? After some extensive digging around, here are just some of the things that you need to think of when it comes to pleasing any house buyer.

1) Bad smells
Yes, that’s right, bad smells are one of the biggest complaints of potential home buyers. From your soaking wet cat to foot odor and food smells which may be baked into the walls of the living spaces, bad smells can put off 2/3rds of potential home buyers.

2) Bad Electrics
Outdated electrics, gas, water and all utilities that haven’t been changed or serviced for many years can have a real affect on the home buyer. For many, it’s a sign that the house hasn’t been maintained and a severe cost that they would need to pay out for to bring it all to standards.

3) Clutter/Mess
It goes without saying, but if your house is cluttered and you have newspapers piling up since the Nixon administration you aren’t going to attract many buyers to your house, and if you did, you’re going to struggle to sell to them. Clutter/Mess puts off up to 35% of home buyers in a survey conducted in 2016; get cleaning up and hire a skip if your house has that much lying about.

4) An unkempt yard
You have been told many times before, but if you haven’t, here is the reality; your front yard is your calling card to attracting potential buyers. It is the first thing they see and if the yard looks like it needs a lot of work, they will assume so will the rest of the house. Fix panels and cut the lawn, that would be a good start even if the bare minimum.

5) Bad lighting
Sometimes, this can’t be avoided. Bad lighting is an architectural fault if any, but sometimes, home owners can’t help themselves especially in rooms which shine lots of light but blinds are put up to keep it all out. It’s OK to do that, but when someone is viewing your home, you want the light to come in and show off the house.

Whatever the condition of your home, we at Fast Florida House Sale will make a cash offer on your property in 48 hours of viewing your home. Why not give us a call today to see how we can help.

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How to Sell Your House Fast: Paint Jobs

Home buyers look for some key things when they are shopping for a new property. How does the exterior of the house look on first impact? What is the condition of the kitchen? How much money needs to be invested in renovation?

What counts is the following, the more negatives that someone places in their mind about these questions, the less likely you are going to find a buyer that will pay full price or potentially 80% of the offer of the house unless there is a substantial shift in the market place.

That’s right, by having a house which lacks in buyer appeal you could lose up to 20% of your home value especially when it comes to perception of your home’s condition.

So, what are the ways around this and how can you start to see buyers giving you the value you really want for your property?

A good paint job
Well, the big question is, what are you going to get the most value from? The answer, a good paint job. Painting the interior of your home can be one of the best returns in terms of time and investment, but also, a big selling point for new buyers.

With an average spend of $1600 you could get back as much as 18% value on your property, not bad for a few days work and refreshing your living areas.

yellow kitchen

What are the best colours to paint your home?
There are a few choices you could go for here, but let’s try and keep this as accessible and “normal” as possible. By normal we mean, what would a buyer not be put off by. If you think pepto bismol pink is a shade for a living room, we want to avoid this kind of reasoning, and colour.

White is a standard great colour for those looking to do two things. The first, apply a quick coat, perhaps two and let the room and it’s features take over. It could be that you have bright coloured rugs, modern or deco lamps or interesting pictures that you want buyers to visualise in what could be their own new living environment. The second, and simply put, white makes rooms look bigger. Think of museums, galleries, toilets. White walls provide the illusion of grand spaces and blank canvases to work with.

Light Grey
We’ve spoken in the past about the colour grey and how it should be avoided, but this was for the dark grey category. Dark grey is not only a very personal choice, it can make the room feel drawn in. What you want to focus on is light grey’s, for reasons very similar to white with an added condition; light grey is not white. Light grey gives the room a little more of a feature feel and can feel warmer than a plain white shade.


Ah yellow. Yellow is a great colour, not only does it make buyers feel warm and welcome but it also triggers mental recalls of spring and summer months which are spent enjoying the sunshine, it elicits happiness more than any other colour in the spectrum. However, it must be noted, yellow can also put some people off. Try mixing and matching, lighter tones in the living room, study, brighter in the kitchen or bathroom.


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